Liz and Mia are best friends, but they needed more excuses to talk to each other. They started a project called Superheroesque in 2014, but that project could not encompass the entirety of their friendship. They decided to create lilo + mimo as an umbrella for all their weird and fun projects they do together. The main goal is to have a home for their podcasts, but they also do panels at conventions and cosplay together. They needed a home for everything and lilo + mimo was born.

We currently have two podcasts. Our first podcast is The Bear & The Maiden Fair, a podcast about Game of Thrones. Our other podcast is Fake Goth Girls, where we talk about geek news and lady issues. Be sure to check them out! (Art by Yokokins!)

Liz Locksley

I have the self esteem of a bear, if a bear has self esteem at all. I can’t imagine bears suffer from too many body issues, they’re so cute. I identify with that sentence, which improves on my original assertion of bear-like self-esteem. I really just wanted to talk about bears. I love bears and similar fuzzy brown things; such as, my beloved dogs and Ewoks.

Mia Moore

By day, I’m an MBA student studying Digital Media Management. Basically, this means I’m earning a degree in Twitter. Just kidding. It’s a business education combined with studies in new and emerging media. I love earning an education in a program I am passionate about. In my spare time, I make costumes, hoop dance, go to lolita meetups, and partake in geeky events.