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Fake Goth Girls – Ep. 44 – The 4 Tendencies

 This Week’s Topics Texas VegFest ModClothIRL Blog talk -- visit www.heyliz.com to see the new layout! Nintendo Fires Alison Rapp The Four Tendencies Quiz Quiz: What Snapchat face filter are you? Tastemaker: Sleepy Tea Time [...]

Fake Goth Girls – Ep. 43 – A.D.I.D.A.S.

 This Week’s Topics Mia got a cool job! Liz's duck fantasy Chores & adulting RPDR & The Bachelor We have a guild in Guild Wars 2 called Fake Goth Girls! Join it! Quiz: Which podcast [...]

Fake Goth Girls – Ep. 42 – Sad Rich White People

 This Week’s Topics RuPaul's Drag Race The Bachelor (here's the sea pigs clip) Ryan Murphy Sony drops Dr. Luke Slut Shaming and Kim Kardashian Quiz: Are you more like Lauren B. or JoJo from The [...]

Fake Goth Girls – Ep. 41 – Do you like Pina Coladas?

 This Week’s Topics Ghosts Capsule wardrobes Zootopia The pina colada song Quiz: We Know Who Your Famous Daddy Is Tastemaker: Pumpkin the Racoon Listen Support the Show Subscribe on iTunes and leave a review Subscribe via [...]