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Fake Goth Girls – Ep. 40 – Just Like High School

This Week’s Topics Guild Wars 2 (with Travis and Glitzy) Spring cleaning (again) Superheros & Deadpool Super You, discovering identity, and uncovering job hunt ~feelings~ Tsum tsum update Quiz of the Week: Which Deadpool Character [...]

Fake Goth Girls – Ep. 39 – Spring Cleaning

This Week’s Topics Valentine's Day Spring cleaning The Grammys -- mainly Lady Gaga and Hamilton Yaya Han and the ~cosplay fabric incident~ of 2016 Quiz of the Week: What percentage DJ Khaled are you? Tastemaker: Schmanners [...]

Fake Goth Girls – Ep. 38 – 404 Episode Not Found

This Week’s Topics Mia's working for Stitch Fix and won't shut up about it! Referral link here! The Grammy's Dream jobs and dream cities Guild Wars 2 & Magic: The Gathering Tastemaker: Bearded Vegans podcast Listen [...]

Fake Goth Girls – Ep 37 – PAX South

This Week’s Topics Mia's working for Stitch Fix! Referral link here! Liz's first-ever anniversary! PAX South recap Video games & Guild Wars 2 Buc-ee's Goth emojis! Ben & Jerry's vegan ice cream RuPaul's Drag Race [...]